Turner Mining Group


In 2017, Keaton Turner founded Turner Mining Group, because he had a vision for the future of the contract mining industry. As someone who grew up in the mining world, Keaton knew that a more people-focused, nationwide contractor could revolutionize the industry.

Instead of each individual mine outsourcing their work to separate local contractors, Turner Mining Group filled the need for a coast-to-coast, border-to-border contract mining operation. Rather than simply operating one mine at a time, Turner Mining Group is able to handle all of a client’s mines on a regional or national basis. This enables suppliers and mine owners to optimize their production across the region, by adjusting production at individual mines up or down as needs fluctuate.

We’re able to keep our prices competitive to a local contractor while offering wide-ranging services, because Turner Mining Group’s operations are streamlined to be efficient, delivering a higher level of professionalism without sacrificing cost.

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